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Vonne Technologies

Was founded from the desire to build a business that meets some surprisingly simple requirements of the human spirit.

We hold strong values true to our personalities. Our natural qualities are as simple as honesty, hard work, determination & willingness to go the extra mile. Our qualities are not only what clients expect, but what we expect of ourselves. We hope you see those qualities in us, and share these same principles.

What drives us is the responsibility of knowing we want to do the job right the first time at a reasonable rate that saves you money by not having to do it over and over again.

We're proud of our work ethic and it might even be said to be our mantra. But being it's just part of who we are, we are happy to be able to provide best in class services without having to pretend.

We look forward to serving you with the same ideals we've always had, and providing you with new service options.

Thank You,

Vonne Technologies




Recent Updates

This month we started our own blog to post interesting topics and helpful subjects. You can visit it  by clicking here: blog.vonnetech.com
VT management starts plans to provide clients with monthly newsletters that will offer special offers and discounts. The newsletter offers informative tips and technology information well as monthly specials.
We start rolling out our new IT service and support. Our new IT services offer economical solutions and best in class service to a wide scope of clientele.
Vonne Technologies merges with Integral Technology to increase our service capabilities. Founder Brian Weiser brings 20+ years experience to our growing business.
Vonne Technologies is born from a new vision of merging phone technologies with I. T. services.